Private Group Walks

Walk The Distance Groups offers a fun, interactive, and informative way to engage your group or team and encourage wellness and a little friendly competition. Challenge your employees, volunteers, scout troop or walking group to walk all or part Appalachian Trail together-virtually, that is.

Employee Wellness & Engagement

Walk the Distance: Virtual Appalachian Trail Challenge is a great way to motivate your team to become happier, healthier, and more productive. Working from home can lead to extra sedentary time and less engagement. A little friendly competition and incentives will encourage your team to move and engage.


Raise money for your non-profit organization with a virtual Appalachian Trail Walk. Virtual walks/runs were just starting to become popular before Covid-19 and now they are the perfect fundraiser to keep your supporters engaged and excited while practicing social distancing. Let Walk the Distance help you raise much-needed money for your programs.

Social Groups

The pandemic has made it challenging for social clubs, teams, and groups to interact and have fun. Let us guide your group along the Appalachian Trail, while they enjoy photos, history, and valuable information about the iconic trail. They will have fun passing each other and competing to get to checkpoints first- all while getting healthier and happier.