The Virtual Appalachian Trail as a Fundraiser

Virtual races were becoming a popular way for organizations to raise money before Covid-19, but they are now needed more than ever. Raise money for your organization without the pandemic stress, overhead expenses, or the time-consuming effort it takes to choose the perfect date, time, and location.

Benefits of our Virtual AT Walk

  • Built-in Social Distancing- can be done at home, at work or anywhere where steps are counted

  • Global reach- not limited to local participants. Walkers from all over the world can join.

  • Accessible- walkers go at their own pace and on their schedule

  • No logistics- no worries about the best day, time or location to host the event.

  • No Budget needed - registration fees or donation minimums can help cover the cost of fees and incentives/prizes.

Walk the Distance Features

  • Simple set up; simple pricing!

  • Branded Leaderboard with total group miles

  • Appalachian Trail or Pacific Crest Trail Challenges

  • Race to catch and pass group members on map

  • Group member push notifications

  • Personal technical support