Android FAQs

Android FAQs

This page covers Android FAQs. For iOS, go here.

How does the app work?

Walk the Distance reads your walking distance from the Google Fit / Fitbit / Garmin and updates your virtual position on the map of the Appalachian Trail. It applies daily walking distance totals captured by these input sources.

If you would like to use Google Fit as the input source- Go here to install it. Google Fit works like a pedometer- counting steps while the phone is in your pocket.

The app doesn't work well yet to track specific walking/workout activities (hitting activate/deactivate at the start/end of a walk). If this feature is important to you, please email me:

You know the app is working properly if the total daily walking distance in the input source (Google Fit, Fitbit, or Garmin) matches the distance of "So Far Today" in Walk the Distance.

Where are the videos? I want to see myself walking down the trail.

My app doesn't have virtual reality videos, it simply shows you your progress over time on a map of a big route such as the Appalachian Trail. Try Treadmill Trails if you want to experience videos on your treadmill.

Why do I keep getting the "Permission Needed" popup?

If you receive this popup multiple times

  1. Go to the security tab of your google account dashboard

  2. Under the "Recent security activity" section, you should see a security alert for Walk the Distance

  3. Click on the context menu next to the notification and click "Yes it was me"

If the problem persists, please email me

Google Fit

Walk the Distance

Why doesn't Walk the Distance record my walking?

  1. Make sure the app is "activated".

    1. Open the map you want to do and click the "Activate" button.

    2. Accept permissions to read from Google Fit.

    3. Make sure Google Fit is installed first. Go here to install it.

I allowed permission to read from Google Fit, but it's still showing 0 miles

There may be a delay. Walk the Distance reads from your Google Fit account on the cloud, not directly from your device. Therefore, the Google Fit app on your phone will need to sync to your cloud account before you see that distance in Walk the Distance. There is no way currently in the Google Fit app to tell whether it has been synced to the cloud, but it should sync after you open the Google Fit app if you are connected to WiFi.

Walk the Distance will check your Google Fit account on the cloud immediately upon opening, and every 5 minutes while the app is open. In settings, you will see the "last sync time" for when the last read was attempted. If you still don't see your distance added from Google Fit after a few hours, continue reading below.

Check if you have distance recorded in Google Fit. If you DO NOT have distance in Google Fit, check that Google Fit has permission to track your activities.

  1. Open Google Fit. Click "Profile" in the lower right.

  2. Click the settings cog in the upper right.

  3. Scroll down to "Tracking Preferences" and ensure the two toggles are turned on.

I have data in Google Fit, and its connected, but Walk the Distance still doesn't see it

The email account signed into your Google Fit app probably doesn't match what is in Walk the Distance. First check the Google Fit account email.

  1. Open Google Fit. Click your profile icon in the upper right (screenshot 1).

  2. Your email is listed on the next page

To change your email account in Google Fit

  1. Click "Manage your Google Account" (screenshot 1).

  2. Select the drop down for your account (screenshot 2).

  3. If you don't see the email you would like to use, click "Add another account" (screenshot 3)

  4. Sign out of fit, and sign in again with the correct email. (screenshot 4)

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Once you have the correct email in Google Fit, disconnect and reconnect on Walk the Distance to make sure you are connected to the right account.

  1. Navigate to the "Google Fit Info" page in settings on Walk the Distance.

  2. Hit "Disconnect" to force disconnect.

  3. Hit "Connect"

  4. Ensure you use the correct email when allowing permissions to Google Fit.

How do I sync my Fitbit?

Walk the Distance integrates directly with Fitbit. Change the "input type" in settings. This feature is available for premium members ($2.99 USD / month), which includes all paid walks as well.

How do I sync my Garmin?

Walk the Distance integrates directly with Garmin. Change the "input type" in settings. This feature is available for premium members ($2.99 USD / month), which includes all paid walks as well. (see above screenshot)

How do I sync other fitness devices?

Walk the Distance reads from the Google Fit app. To sync third-party devices to Walk the Distance, you just need to sync those apps to the Google Fit App. To do that, download the "Health Sync" app. The Health Sync has app has many options for syncing between Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin, etc. (for a small price).

When recording walking from multiple sources (for example: if your phone is tracking your steps as well as a third part device), Google Fit will automatically delete duplicate entries. If you record 100% of your walking on your third-party device, you may want to turn off tracking in the Google Fit app to avoid this. Disable "Tracking your activities" in settings in Google Fit.

If all else fails...